Petals, 2009

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60 Pages of the kind of photos that you love to linger over! Our very own blogging artists taking root and blossoming. From paper to metals, and clay to paint, glass and lace, our artists show they are blooming right before our eyes. And for those of us who have long dreamt of having our own brick and mortar shop, a few boutique owners have shared photos of their Spring window & store displays. Anyone who has tried it knows that set-up and display are an art form ~ to inspire by a mere passing glance. We know that you really want to give those displays more than a glance, so we've committed it to paper. Pages of art unfolding petals.

In This Issue:

Verbena Nested Treasures
Ruffles & Roses
Vintage Lizzy
Counting Your Blessings
Our Scented Cottage
Cindy Forrester
Flatwoods Folk Art
Rhonda's Rose Cottage Designs
Fete et Fleur

PORCH Magazine was created for the sole purpose of promoting bloggers and their businesses. We are a print magazine promoting online businesses. In 2009, PORCH became an all-photos magazine. We allow for only minimal paid advertisements in each issue so that 99% of the pages are dedicated to the beautiful photographs provided by our contributors. If you know of someone or you would like your own blog/website to be considered, we'd love to hear from you!

All the staff members of Porch are volunteers/barely paid employees :) and thus, fitting one more thing into their busy lives. We know you understand that we do our best to be accurate in our work, as well as available when you have questions, but we stubbornly insist that our families are our first priority =) Please feel free to email your questions to us at